Warship Blister Tanks

Date: July 2006, May 2008 & June 2013

Customer: MoD IPT

Location: Plymouth


Blister tanks are two void spaces that were fitted on either side of a Naval Warship post manufacture.

These void spaces are subject to two inspections per year by Lloyds.

Due to the way these tanks had been fitted, a lot of moisture was in the air resulting in corrosion. Lloyds were concerned about the amount of corrosion appearing inside the void spaces.

1) The Task

HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd was approached by an MoD IPT to provide a solution that would protect the insides of these blister tanks.

2) Product Used

  • VpCI 609

3) The Solution

VpCI 609 is fogged into the internal volume of the voids resulting in a low cost two years anti-corrosion protection.

HSL were requested to retreat the Blister Tanks again in June 2008, on the right is a picture of the sacrificial plates placed in the Tanks in 2006, (they were therefore in the tanks for five years), as can be seen protection was achieved.

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