RAF Water Boiler

Date: June 2009

Customer: Carillion Enterprise Ltd

Location: An RAF Base


The water boilers at certain RAF Bases are maintained by Carrillion Enterprise Ltd. Some of these boilers walls and pipe work were so heavily scaled that the boilers were overheating and causing premature failure of expensive gas parts at the same time.

1) The Task

Carillion Enterprise Ltd approached HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd to provide a solution.

2) Product Used

  • HSL Eco Descale

3) The Solution

A proof of concept trial was carried out using HSL Eco Descale.

Prior to commencement of the de-scale the system was emptied and pictures of the inside of the boiler taken with an endoscope.

The HSL Eco Descale was mixed at 25% HSL Eco Descale and 75% water. This mix was circulated for 3 hours and the pH continuously monitored.

After 3 hours the system was emptied. Pictures were then taken again with the endoscope; this showed that the system was now clean and de-scaled. The system was then flushed with normal water, the pH was checked to ensure that it was back to normal, and the boiler then placed back into normal use and did not overheat.

A full report is available for this proof of concept trial.



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