CVR(T) Scimitar

Date: February 2012

Customer: Private Owner

Location: Lincolnshire


A CVR(T) Scimitar is in private ownership. The owner wanted to be able to store the vehicle outside, whilst at the same time protecting it from corrosion.

1) The Task

Hitek-nology Solutions was approached by the private owner to provide a solution to store the vehicle whilst protecting it from corrosion.

2) Product Used

  • VpCI 126 HP UV Shrink Film
  • VpCI 322
  • VpCI 705
  • VpCI M640L
  • VpCI 132 Foam Pads
  • VpCI Emitters

3) The Solution

The coolant system was treated with M640L, the oil system was treated with VpCI 322 and the fuel system with VpCI 705.  The engine was then run up for 15 minutes, this ensured all the internals of the engine was now protected from corrosion during the storage period.

VpCI 132 foam pads were then placed at various places on the outside of the vehicle and VpCI emitters placed in the electronic boxes.

The equipment was then wrapped using VpCI 126 HP UV Shrink Film.  The shrink film was then shrunk onto the vehicle using a butane powered heat shrink gun.

This treatment has resulted in the low cost storage of this high value asset for a period of up to three years.



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