CVR(T) Transit Protection

Date: September 2012 – March 2013

Customer: MoD (DRACAS)

Location: Ashchurch


The MoD wanted to trial a system that would protect vehicles from corrosion, whilst in transit, (in this case CVR(T)’s).

1) The Task

The DRACAS team approached HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd (HSL) to provide a solution.

2) Product Used

  • VpCI 132 Foam Pads
  • VpCI 389D
  • VpCI 415

3) The Solution

A low grade carbon steel plate was fitted to the front on each half of the vehicle and also inside.

The CVR(T) was washed down with VpCI 415 mixed with water.

Half of the vehicle was then treated with VpCI 389D temporary coating mixed at 50% with water.

The vehicle was then left outside for six months and checked monthly.

After a couple of months the vehicle had filled up with rain water (failed hatch seals), and signs of corrosion were seen inside the vehicle.  It was decided to fit VpCI 132 foam pads inside the vehicle and also an extra steel plate.

At the end of six months, the treated half was showing no signs of corrosion, unlike the untreated half which had degraded considerably.

Also it was evident that the foam pads had stopped any further corrosion inside the vehicle.

Note: A full written report is available for this trial.

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