Salt Gritter Preservation

Date: March 2014

Customer: Ground Control

Location: Billericay


Ground Control has nationwide contracts which involve the use of gritting lorries. The lorries rust badly and quickly due to the environment they operate in as well as the fact they spread salt. Ground Control became aware of the work we had done on military vehicles during lay-up and requested that we carry out a trial on one of their gritters.

1) The Task

The vehicle was washed down with VpCI 415 cleaner degreaser. The electrical junction boxes were treated with VpCI 101 and 105 emitters. All exposed electrical connections were treated with VpCI 239 ElectriCorr. The clutch release bearing area the ABS valve and all hydraulic / mechanical connections etc. were treated with VpCI 369. VpCI 132 foam pads were placed in the cab and the switch gear etc. were lubricated with CorrLube Lithium Grease. Low grade caron steel plates were fitted to both ends of the front bumper and one in the cab. Finally half of the vehicle (including the hopper) was treated with VpCI 389D.

2) Products Used

  • VpCI 389D
  • VpCI 101 Emitters
  • VpCI 105 Emitters
  • VpCI 132 Foam Pad Emitters
  • VpCI 415
  • VpCI 239
  • VpCI 369
  • CorrLube Grease

3) The Results

After a few months the plate on the untreated half of the vehicle had fully rusted, whilst the plate on treated side and the plate in the cab remained unchanged (as new). All ground Controls vehicles were then treated in June 2014 (including trailers). This treatment was for layup over summer, however the treatment was not removed prior to the equipment going back into use. At the end of the season (March 2015) a massive difference could be seen in the state of all the equipment’s. This has resulted in Ground Control now treating all their vehicles for every lay-up period, as well as getting their new vehicles treated in manufacture, which now also includes the chassis being treated with VpCI 368.

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