Mexe-flote De-fouling

Date: September 2008

Customer: Mod IPT

Location: Sea Mounting Centre, Marchwood


The Army cleaned marine bio foul from its Mexe-flotes manually, by using a combination of, hammers, scrapers and pressure washer. This method was both extremely time and labour intensive.

1) The Task

An MoD IPT approached HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd to provide a solution.

2) Product Used

  • HSL Eco Descale

3) The Solution

A trial dip tank was manufactured, fitted with a pump, filter and pipe work, for circulation and filled with HSL Eco Descale and water mix. The Mexe- flotes were then placed into the tank and the HSL Eco Descale circulated. This cleaned the bio foul very quickly and effectively, freeing up manpower for other tasks. It also had the added bonus that it did not remove the paint from the Mexe-flotes saving both time and money on re-painting.

Immediately after the successful trial the standing orders were re-written to clean the Mexe-flotes using HSL Eco Descale. The dip tank was upgraded to offer at least 10 years life, and an extra wash down / inspection tank was also added.

A letter of authority was granted by South West Water Authority allowing the waste HSL Eco Descale to be disposed of down the normal foul water drainage system.

A full written report is available for this trial.



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