HMNB Clyde

Date: January 2011

Customer: Babcock Group International

Location: UK MoD Naval Base


The Utilities Building within an MoD UK Naval Base has a 65,000 litre sea cooled power generation system. The system is split into four quadrants.

The problem within the sea water cooled system is that mussel larvae get into and then grow / breed within the system, subsequently causing blockages leading to overheating problems. The mussels, which attach themselves to the system, have to be removed manually, this can obviously only be achieved in certain parts of the system leaving the remaining to grow.

1) The Task

HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd was approached to provide a solution that would clean the system, thereby enabling the chlorination system to be used as per the original design intention.

2) Product Used

  • HSL Eco Descale

3) The Solution

Each quadrant was de-scaled for four hours using HSL Eco Descale. The system was then emptied and subsequently flushed with water. The pH was continually monitored. Once the flush water was at a pH of 7 the system could be placed back into normal use. Once all four quadrants had been de-scaled the system was run on full load for a period of one week. The engines ran at 33°C, this was lower than any of the engineers can recall in recent history. The system is now running clean and the chlorination system is running

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