HMS Portland

Date: July 2017

Customer: Babcock

Location: HMNB Devonport


HMS Portland was entering a layup period in Devonport prior to refurbishment.

1) The Task

Babcock approached HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd (HSL) to provide a solution (after treating various other Naval ships) that would result in various equipment and electrical junction boxes on the outer deck, as well as a large number of internal rooms and equipment within those rooms being protected from corrosion.

2) Product Used

VpCI’s 101 and 105 emitters , 126 bags, 132 and 137 foam, 322, 369D, 369 aerosol, 389D, 415, Super Penetrant  and MilCorr Shrink Film.

3) The Solution

The internal volumes of the rooms were protected using VpCI 137 foam and various equipment within the rooms were treated with VpCI 369 aerosol for both protection and lubrication, in some instances parts were stiff or seized, these were treated with Super Penetrant.

Various external electric boxes were treated with VpCI 101 and 105 emitters.

A number of outer deck equipments were treated with VpCI 132 foam and wrapped using VpCI MilCorr shrink film which was then heat shrunk into place. The Caley Davits were treated with VpCI 369.

Some oil tanks were treated with VpCI 322 to prevent them from corroding during lay up.

Various exposed electrical cable ends on the outer deck and in the inner rooms were protected using VpCI 126 bags.

Finally covered outer deck walkways were cleaned with VpCI 415 and treated with VpCI 389D.

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