Imperial War Museum WW2 Tanks

Date: October 2013

Customer: IWM

Location: Duxford


The Imperial War Museum holds a vast array of important and historical military equipment.  Only 5% of this equipment is on show at the museum in Duxford.

The remainder is stored in various types of hangers or left outside.  This unfortunately leads to the equipment corroding and the potential loss of some of these historical equipments altogether.

1) The Task

HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd was approached by the IWM to provide a solution that would preserve the equipment whilst in storage, and prove this with a subsequent trial on a Churchill Mk 7 Tank and a Matilda MK 2 Tank.

2) Product Used

  • MilCorr
  • VpCI 132

3) The Solution

VpCI 132 foam pads were placed both inside and outside of the tanks.

The tanks were then wrapped in MilCorr and heat shrunk.

A low grade carbon steel plate was hung of each gun barrel, this would show first if any further corrosion was taking place, a MilCorr zip door was fitted to the front of tanks to allow for ease of inspection.

Further plates were fitted in the areas surrounding the tanks for comparison.

This has resulted in a low cost storage solution that will protect the tanks from corrosion in all environments for period of five years.

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