Gas Pipes (Anacondas)

Date: May 2008

Customer: FTL Ltd

Location: Leeds


FTL Ltd manufacture flexi type gas pipes known as anacondas.  These pipes are fitted to gas meters. 5000 of these pipes were sent to East Europe; they corroded whilst in transit, and were subsequently returned by FTL’s customer.  FTL Ltd required these pipes to be de-rusted and then protected from future corrosion whilst in transit, FTL also required the 5000 pipes were reclaimed and protected within a few days.

1) The Task

HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd was approached by the customer to provide a solution that would not only de-rust the 5000 pipes and protect them from corrosion in the future, but they also needed this completed within a few days.

2) Product Used

  • VpCI 416
  • VpCI 422
  • VpCI 377

3) The Solution

The pipes were soaked in 5% VpCI 416 to clean / degrease them.  The pipes were then soaked in VpCI 422 to remove the rust, dipped in 5% VpCI 416 to clean off the VpCI 422, prior to being protected with 10% VpCI 377. This treatment resulted in a low cost solution, ensuring the pipes were reclaimed in the required time and the sent to East Europe where they were accepted by the customer of FTL Ltd.



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