Date: March 2017 & November 2017

Customer: Babcock International Group

Location: Devonport Royal Dockyard


3 X LCVP MK5A required protecting from corrosion for a period of approximately 6 months, whilst being stored outside (not on the water).

1) The Task

Babcock approached HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd (HSL) to provide a solution that would result in equipment being protected from corrosion, whilst at the same time allowing the equipment to be placed back into use at short notice and allowing access to all parts of the craft for any maintenance etc.

2) Product Used

  • VpCI 101
  • VpCI 105 Emitters
  • VpCI 137 Foam
  • VpCI 322
  • VpCI 415
  • VpCI 368D
  • VpCI 389D
  • VpCI 705
  • M529
  • M640L
  • CorrShield 368 Aerosol
  • CorrShield 369 Aerosol

3) The Solution

The LCVP’s were washed down with VpCI 415.

VpCI 705 was added to the fuel, M529 was added to the engine and gearbox oils, M640L was added to the coolant system, VpCI 322 was added to the hydraulic systems, the engines were then run up for approximately 20 minutes.

All electric junction boxes were treated with VpCI 101 and 105 emitters.

All exposed bare metal was treated with CorShield 368, and any exposed metal that also required lubrication (e.g.) ramp rams were treated with CorShield 369.

The engine compartment, well space and wheel house were treated with VpCI 137 foam.

The deck floor was treated with VpCI 368D, the outside of the wheel house and the LCVP were treated with VpCI 389D (as can be seen from the photo VpCI 389D goes on white, but dries clear).

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