Drill Ship

Date: January 2016 & May 2018

Customer: V Ships off shore

Location: Teeside


A drill ship was to be layed up ‘hot’.  This meant that the engines and some of the equipment would be operated but the main drilling rig etc. was to be totally out of use.

1) The Task

HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd was approached to provide a low cost solution for storage whilst also allowing redeployment as and when required.

2) Product Used

  • VpCI 126 HP UV Shrink Film
  • VpCI 101
  • VpCI 105
  • VpCI 111 Emitters
  • VpCI 170 Tape
  • VpCI 322
  • VpCI 337
  • VpCI 368D
  • VpCI 369D
  • VpCI 609s
  • VpCI 645
  • VpCI 649
  • CorrVerter
  • M529
  • CorrLube Grease

3) The Solution

Risers – treated with VpCI 337 (water based concentrate) and the ends sealed with VpCI 126 HP UV Shrink Film.

Bulk storage tanks, associated pipe work and cement mixing tanks etc. were treated with VpCI 609s (powder).

Electric Junction Boxes, motors and monitors both internal and external were treated with either VpCI 101, 105, 111 emitters or VpCI 170 (foam emitter) tape.

Lube oil and hydraulic sytems that were to remain in use or with oil in them were treated with M529 (oil based additive), all empty tanks and systems were treated with VpCI 322 (oil based system).

Exposed pistons and operating systems that required lubricating as well as protecting from corrosion were treated with VpCI 369 (oil based coating).

Rails and cranes that had exposed metal were treated with VpCI 368D (mineral spirit based coating).  All exposed rusted metal that had loose metal that could be removed, was cleaned up and treated with VpCI 368D (mineral spirit based coating).

All exposed rusted metal that could not be properly cleaned had the loose rust brushed off and was treated with CorrVerter (rust-to-primed surface converter).

Anything that required greasing was greased using CorrLube EP Lithium Grease.

This treatment has resulted in the low cost storage of this high value asset, allowing for rapid redeployment when required.

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