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HITEK-nology Solutions Limited (HSL) was founded in 2006 to supply the maritime and military markets with the supply and application of corrosion control and descaling products.

Since then we have grown and now supply additional markets such defence (Tri-Service), aerospace, maritime, civil industrial and power markets. In addition we now offer a bespoke range of services that include training your own organisations staff, as well as advise you on solutions to your corrosion and descaling issues and carry out ongoing quality checks.  We also carry out work for museums such as Duxford Imperial War Museum and the Museum of flight.

Below are some of the key member of staff.

Our customers include:

Key Appointments

Jim Lawton

Jim Lawton

Managing Director

As an apprentice trained mechanical engineer, I understand how quickly corrosion can render materials and equipment unusable.

Our role at HSL is to work with, and educate our customers so that they recognise the benefits of using the innovative solutions we provide as part of their preventative maintenance.

Using our vast experience and product knowledge, defining a cost-effective solution is our goal especially when our clients realise the cost of protection outweighs the cost of repair, replacement or lack of availability.

The engineer in me always wants to know how these products work. With over 14 years’ experience of seeing the positive results from our applications, I am convinced that we can offer you the right solutions.

Mark Cresswell

Mark Cresswell

Operations Director

Mark joined HSL in 2006 as the Operations Manager before taking up the roll of Operations Director in 2014

Mark had spent the previous 23 years problem solving and maintaining military equipment within the British Army. Deployed throughout the World, Mark has had many challenging environmental and geographical locations where corrosion has been a major factor for potential failure.

Using this experience, Mark now offers solutions to military and industry alike on the corrosion prevention and storage of assets alongside the application of our safe –to-use and air transportable water descaling solutions.

Mark ensure that HSL provides an efficient and professional service in all aspects of our business to all our customers.

Wayne Elliot

Wayne Elliot

Lead Engineer Field Services

Wayne joined HITEK-Nology Solutions in 2008.  Wayne came from a background of warehousing so understands the need for corrosion protection of assets during storage and transit.

Wayne spends the majority of his time on site, giving advice to customers and carrying out application work. He prides himself on carrying out work to high standards ensuring that HSL customers receive a timely and professional service.

Rachael Sakal

Rachael Sakal


Rachael became part of the Finance Department in January 2017. She brings with her a wealth of experience in Retail, Customer Service and Office Administration. Rachael’s roles include the upkeep of the HSL Sales and Purchase Ledger Accounts.

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