Power Station Pumps

Date: December 2012

Customer: Thames Power (Barking Power Stations)

Location: Barking


Barking Power Station is mothballing part of its plant. Included in this were 20 High Pressure (HP) pumps and Low Pressure (LP) pumps that were fitted both indoors and outdoors. These pumps which vary in fluid capacity between 20 and 400 litres fluid capacity which were to be mothballed dry. Also being mothballed were two 6000 litre fluid capacity Condensate Extraction (CEX) pumps, which were to be mothballed wet.

1) The Task

HSL were approached to provide a solution to prevent these pumps from corrosion during the 6 -12 month mothballing period.

2) Product Used

  • VpCI 377
  • VpCI 649

3) The Solution

The HP and LP pumps were treated with VpCI 377. The VpCI 377 was mixed at 20% VpCI 377 and 80% water. This mix was then pumped into the HP and LP pumps and left for a minimum of one hour, before being pumped out again. The pumps were treated in sets of four to keep the quantity of material required to a minimum. The VpCI 377 mix was checked between each set of four pumps with a refractometer, to ensure the mix was still at the correct strength and therfor reusable.

The CEX pumps were treated using VpCI 649. The VpCI 649 was added to the system at 1% and then circulated to ensure the complete system was protected.

This treatment has resulted in the low cost storage of these high value assets.

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