De-rust Jigs

Date: September 2010

Customer: Siemens

Location: Lincoln


Siemens had some redundant jigs etc. that were no longer used for making parts. These jigs had been left outside in a car park at one of their storage sites for just over two years and were badly rusted. Some of the larger parts had been shrink wrapped in plastic sheet, although most of these had wrapped and filled with rain water, the smaller parts had just been left outside in post pallets with no protection at all. Another company were about to start producing the parts that required these jigs, so Siemens were asked to sell them; clearly they could not be used in this corroded state.

1) The Task

HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd was approached by the customer to provide a solution that would bring the jigs back to an operational state, thereby allowing Siemens to sell them.

2) Products Used

  • VpCI 422
  • VpCI 423
  • VpCI 416

3) The Solution

VpCI 422 and VpCI 423 were used to derust all the jigs etc. This was then cleaned off using VpCI 416 resulting in a low cost reclamation of all the parts. No further protection was required to prevent the parts corroding again as they were being immediately sent to the buyer by Siemens where they would be placed straight into operation.



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