Naval Ships Evaporators

Date: September 2007

Customer: Mod IPT

Location: Navel Warship


A MoD IPT has had problems with descaling ships boilers and evaporators. The products available were either acidic or had to be heated up. Problems also existed with flying the products world wide and disposing of the used product.

1) The Task

HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd was approached to provide a product that could be flown world wide, used without any special requirements and that could be easily disposed of.

2) Product Used

  • HSL Eco Descale

3) The Solution

A trial was carried out on a Naval Warship using HSL Eco Descale. The correct amount of product was placed into the system and circulated for 4 hours. This was a very simple method whereby the product could then be disposed of with normal waste. The MoD IPT identified this as the best results they had achieved, with the added bonus of an Eco friendly product.



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