Coalescer Assembly Module

Date: August 2009

Customer: Siemens, Lincoln

Location: Derby


Siemens had a Coalescer Assembly Module (oil separator) returned to them, with the 6” diameter internal pipe work in a rusty condition.  The overall affected length was approximately 5m. The reason for this, was that the pipes hadn’t been sealed correctly on the module.

1) The Task

Siemens approached HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd (HSL) to provide a solution that would result in the tubes being reclaimed and protected until reassembly and subsequent use. This task also needed to be completed within three days including collection and delivery between Siemens and HSL.

2) Product Used

  • VpCI 422
  • VpCI 416
  • VpCI 322

3) The Solution

The internal volume of the pipes was soaked in VpCI 422 to de-rust them.  They were then soaked in 10% VpCI 416 mix to clean / de-grease them.  The ends were then removed to allow any waste and debris etc. to be removed, and the internal surface to be inspected and dried.  The internal volume of the pipes was treated with VpCI 322, to protect them from future corrosion prior to installation and use.



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