Mexe-flote Cells

Date: Ongoing since February 2007

Customer: Mod IPT

Location: Manor Marine, Portland & Landau UK, Southampton


Mexe-flote cells are individual cells of which there are four types and sizes. Bow forward, bow aft, centre and stern. These cells get joined together to form a landing craft by the British Army to ferry equipment from ship to shore.

In the past various treatments have been tried to prevent the inside of the cells from rusting, none have worked satisfactorily.

1) The Task

HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd was approached by the customer to provide a solution that would prevent the inside of the cells from deteriorating due to corrosion.

2) Product Used

  • VpCI 609s

3) The Solution

VpCI 609s is fogged into the internal volume of the cells resulting in a low cost two years anti-corrosion protection.

Note: Cells that have been opened up for repair etc. two years later were totally rust free.

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