Killinghome Power Station

Date: October 2011

Customer: Centrica

Location: Killinghome Power Station


Killingholme Power Station utilises a water cooled system. The water is extremely hard and over a six month period the pipe work can easily lose in excess of an inch worth of bore due to scale, reducing the efficiency of the system. This, results in the scale having to be removed manually or the pipe work having to be replaced. The pumps also get affected, and in the past they have been cleaned ultrasonically which is expensive. Alternatively the working pressure in the system has to be adjusted further reducing efficiency.

1) The Task

HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd was approached to provide a low cost and quick solution to this problem.

2) Product Used

  • 518 Descaler

3) The Solution

A part of the system, including a pump was isolated so that a proof of concept trial could be carried out.

As some of the pipe work was stainless steel, 518 Descaler was chosen. The 518 Descaler was circulated for 4 hours. This proved to be extremely successful, and was more cost effective than either replacing the pipe work or having the pump ultrasonically cleaned. It had the added bonus of being quicker and less labour intensive than any of the previous solutions used.



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