Land Rover Exhaust Manifolds

Date: July 2009

Customer: Hitachi Metals

Location: Derby


Hitachi Metals produce exhaust manifolds for Land Rover. 1300 of these high value manifolds had been packed in a well known manufacturers anti rust bags, but still rusted in transit and were rejected by the customer. It is a very expensive and time consuming task to reproduce the manifolds.

1) The Task

Hitachi Metals approached HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd to provide a solution for reclaiming these manifolds.

2) Product Used

  • VpCI 422

3) The Solution

The manifolds were de-rusted by soaking in a vat of VpCI 422.

Once de-rusted they were de-greased using VpCI 416, and then placed back in the packing case, the packing case was lined with VpCI 126 giving the manifolds two years corrosion protection.



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