Corrosion Removal

Whilst preventing corrosion is better than cure, the fact that corrosion has happened, does not automatically mean you have to dispose of that equipment / parts HSL can remove the corrosion for you or supply you with the products to carry it out yourself.

The different products remove corrosion, staining, tarnishing and naturally occurring oxides from steel, iron, copper, brass, chrome, galvanised steel, aluminium, iron carbon, zinc, magnesium and their alloys. This is done without having to create waste facilities, and will not have any adverse affects on paint, plastic, wood, textiles, ceramics and rubber when used as recommended.   Some of these products have NSF approval for use in and around food processing as well as being almost pH neutral making the products safe to handle and dispose of.

Corrosion removals products are available, as liquids, gels and powders.

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Why use Corrosion removals?

Non flammable



NSF approvals

Reclaim equipment & parts

Unsieze parts

Save money


Increase life of equipment / parts

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